1. Review the Back-in-Print Service and Publishing Agreement.
2. Make sure you have two copies of your book, in good condition.
3. You may supply images of your own to place on the cover. The images must be supplied as electronic files or for an additional fee you may submit hard copies for IndyPublish to scan. Prepare your image (if any) according to the IndyPublish guidelines.
4. Prepare your author photo for your book's back cover (optional). The author photo must be supplied as an electronic file. For an additional fee, you may submit a hard copy of your photo for IndyPublish to scan. Click here for guidelines on submitting your author photo.
5. Prepare the following summaries:
Book Synopsis (Required): No more than 740 characters (with spaces), about 150 words.
A brief description of your book for the back cover of your book and for your book's webpage.
Brief Author Biography (Required): No more than 740 characters (with spaces), about 150 words.
A brief description of yourself for the back cover of your book and for your author's Homepage.
Author's Note (Required): No more than 40,000 characters.
A longer biography or a note to your readers for your book's webpage.
Up to 4 Published Reviews (Optional): These will appear on the back of your book
1. Download the Back-in-Print order form and save a copy on your hard drive.
2. Complete the order form by typing directly in the fields and make sure you keep a copy for your personal files.
3. Print out and sign the Back-in-Print Basic or Back-in-Print Plus Publishing Agreement
4. Your mail submission package must include:
Signed Publishing Agreement for the Back-in-Print Package you selected
A print out of the completed and signed Back-in-Print order form
Payment (if any)
Check payable to OR your credit card number typed on your Order Form (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard).
Hard copy graphics (if any)
Labeled disk containing your:
- Order form file
- Summary information (see requirements above)
- Cover graphics (if any)
- Author photo (if any)
- Additional text for new introduction or prologue (if any)
    Please label the disk with the following information:
    - Name
    - E-mail Address
    - Book Title
    - Platform (PC or Mac)
    - Application (Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect).
5. Mail your completed submission package to:
Back-in-Print Publishing Services
1497 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 204
McLean, VA 22101

Please note: If you are submitting by mail, we recommend that you use certified mail, UPS, FedEx or another carrier that allows tracking, in case your submission is lost in the mail.

Approval Process
1. Once we receive your completed submission, we will design your book's cover and interior layout.
2. Approximately 2 weeks after we receive your submission, we will send you a hard copy proof and a corrections form. We will notify you via e-mail if your proof is not ready within 2 weeks.
3. You will then review the proof, complete the corrections form and submit it to IndyPublish via e-mail. You can make up to 25 corrections for free and they can only be made on the cover and title page. If necessary, you can purchase additional corrections from the Add-On Services menu. Your changes or approval must be submitted within 30 days.
4. IndyPublish will input your corrections. We will then send you an e-mail with the final page count so that you can set the retail price of your book using the pricing/royalty calculator.
5. Once we receive the retail price from you, within a few weeks, your book will available for sale.
*Throughout the process, you can check your book's production schedule at the Your Account section of

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