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Moratorium on new manuscripts.
Due to the overwhelming number of manuscripts that have been submitted, we will not accept any new manuscripts until we have published all of those that have already been submitted. The moratorium may last for many months as we catch up with our backlog and revamp our system to better serve the authoring community.
If you would like us to notify you when we do accept new manuscripts again, please send an email with "New manuscript" in the Subject heading to:
You will not get a response email from us, but will automatically be placed into our list to be notified when the moratorium is over.

Silver Package - $285                   

The IndyPublish Silver Package provides you increased control over the design of your book. Included with the Silver Package are cover and interior templates, the ability to submit your own graphics for the cover and interior of your book and a Library of Congress Control Number. You may also purchase additional items from our Add-On Services menu, to customize or enhance your book according to your needs.

Bonus offer - You will receive the following free marketing set - 100 bookmarks, 100 postcards and 100 business cards. Plus 1 free paperback copy of your book!

Book Design
IndyPublish will professionally design the interior and cover of your book based on the templates that you select. You may choose from 18 Cover Templates and 15 Interior Templates. We also offer a selection of backgrounds for you to choose for your cover.

You may submit one picture or graphic for use on your cover and you may submit up to 10 graphics for the interior of your book. Click here for guidelines on submitting your graphics.

The Silver Package allows you to make up to 25 corrections, and if necessary, you may purchase additional corrections from our Add-On Services menu.

Book Size and Formats
Your book will be made available for sale in two formats: 1) top-quality, perfect-bound trade paperback with a 6" x 9" trim size; and 2) Electronic book. Additional trim sizes and hardcover availability may be purchased from our Add-On Services menu.

IndyPublish will register your book for a Library of Congress Control Number.

Back Cover
The content on your back cover will include
a book summary
a brief author biography
an author photo (optional)
excerpts of up to 4 published reviews (optional)
Your author photo can be supplied as an electronic file or as hard copy. Click here for guidelines on submitting your photo.

Publishing Process
Submit your manuscript online or by mail. Once your book and cover design is completed, you will be able to proof your book online. A hard copy proof is available on our Add-On Services menu. Click here for a step-by-step description of the Silver publishing process.

All of our publishing packages enjoy the following benefits and services:

Set the price of your own book using our book pricing/royalty calculator.

Receive generous royalties: For print books you will receive 50% of publisher print receipts minus $1 per copy transaction fee. For electronic books you will receive 50% of publisher electronic receipts minus $.50 per copy transaction fee. Royalties are not paid to authors on purchases of their own books.

Receive author discounts: 25% discount when you purchase your own book directly from, a 30% discount when purchasing 20 or more books, and 35% discount for purchases of 100 or more.

Each book is assigned an ISBN and UPC/EAN bar code.

Leading book wholesalers will handle the distribution of your book. Your book will also be included in the Books-in-Print database, which makes your book available for sale in thousands of bookstores worldwide.

Your book will be available for sale at, and It also will be available for order from traditional bookstores everywhere.

Your book may also be purchased directly from

IndyPublish will design a webpage for your book which will include a synopsis, an excerpt from your book and a cover image. It will be assigned a unique Internet address which will enable direct access for marketing and direct purchasing.

IndyPublish also will design an author's homepage for you with a unique Internet address on

Access online sales reports for your book at

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