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IndyPublish is a publishing system for the 21st century, dedicated to providing independent authors and publishers the most affordable and flexible way to get their books published and distributed in the global marketplace. Using the latest available technologies, authors and publishers can benefit from a wide range of design, distribution and marketing services, while enjoying access to a global community of peers and writers' resources such as editors, agents and publicists. Authors can earn highly competitive royalties and receive generous discounts on copies of their own book that they purchase directly from IndyPublish.

In line with our mission to empower the author, we provide five graduated publishing packages (starting with our free basic package). IndyPublish is also the first to offer authors a comprehensive menu of add-on services to choose from. Breaking from traditional industry practice, we further give authors the ability to set the retail price of their book. Together, these services empower authors with the flexibility to get their books published according to their wishes.

All books will have professionally designed covers and interiors. The books will be available for sale at online bookstores, at author websites, and for order at thousands of traditional bookstores as well as exciting new venues.

Moreover, IndyPublish.com uses an exciting combination of new technologies and existing infrastructures to provide the tools for authors to publish high-quality books in hardback, trade paperback and electronic formats. And so long as your books are stored electronically in our database, there is no reason that they will ever go out of print.

IndyPublish.com welcomes all authors and publishers anywhere on the globe to experience and benefit from our wide range of publishing services, resources, and community activities and join us in embracing this truly revolutionary change in the world of publishing.


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