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    Part of the Most Revolutionary Change in 300 Years for Publishing -
    IndyPublish.com Launches Author-Focused, Global Publishing Services

    McLean, Virginia (November 15, 2000) – IndyPublish.com launches its global publishing services and online community for authors that was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Based in McLean, Virginia, U.S.A., IndyPublish will enable writers to cost-effectively and quickly publish and market their books to a worldwide readership as print-on-demand and electronic books. Authors will enjoy extensive support, and unprecedented flexibility and control. Author-friendly features include free publishing, top royalties, retained rights, full retail distribution, and free marketing support.

    IndyPublish.com has a superior economic model that allows it and authors to make a profit even on titles with low sales volume. The publishing service will fulfill the pent-up demand of millions of unpublished writers across the globe. Simultaneously, IndyPublish.com will strategically position itself for the revolutionary changes that will transform the publishing and content industries.

    Through IndyPublish, authors can reach larger niche reading communities around the world, they can publish their work for just a limited audience, or they can develop a proven sales track-record to gain the interest of major publishing houses. The system also allows out-of-print authors to return to print forever. IndyPublish books will be available through traditional and on-line booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com, through leading wholesale distributors such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and through a range of new channels.

    Maurice Benesch, President and Co-founder comments, "IndyPublish is committed to being the leading Internet destination for authors and publishers worldwide. Our comprehensive publishing system and our global community of writers and publishing professionals will empower authors to publish their work anywhere in the world, in any language."

    "IndyPublish is a fantastic and efficient service," said Robert L. Skidmore, an author who published his series of five books The Satterfield Saga through IndyPublish. "I’ve tried sending my manuscripts to agents and traditional publishers. It was daunting and frustrating. Then I was introduced to IndyPublish. The system allowed me to keep more royalties and helped me get my books out to my readers. IndyPublish is a major breakthrough for writers. "

    "We believe that authors deserve the highest royalties for their hard work and risk," said Mr. Benesch. "Internet technologies have made it possible to radically reduce the costs associated with the publishing process. The new economics of publishing will benefit consumers and authors, as well as savvy publishers. The IndyPublish system not only creates new and better revenue streams for authors, but for any and all individuals and corporations that own content."

    MMr. Benesch points out that the revolutionary changes in the industry represent a moment of great opportunity for traditional publishers as well. "With the rise of peer-to-peer networks like Napster and Gnutella, major publishers, which rely heavily on blockbuster books, are threatened by the ease of digital piracy," said Mr. Benesch. "By making it possible to profitably publish expert knowledge and niche books, IndyPublish gives publishers a means of diversifying from the vulnerabilities of the traditional model. The Company has a strategic agreement with a major Digital Rights Management (DRM) provider which will be disclosed at a later date. We use DRM technology to leverage on the reach and power of peer-to-peer networks to benefit the copyright holder."

    "Technology has changed the rules in publishing. The current way of publishing is ineffective for millions of talented writers and for millions of books that are out-of-print," said Dyung Le, an MIT-trained Director of Technology at a major e-commerce company. "IndyPublish has an impressive system for empowering the individual author, as well as the innovative publisher."

    Contact Information: Stacey Brooks | IndyPublish Company | (703) 760-8664

    E-mail: info@IndyPublish.com

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